Here you’ll find delay settings for Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour sound!

David Gilmour has always made a very precise use of delays, since the early eras, even combining two delays to create his textures.

Let’s see some of the units he used over time.

Digital delays

Gilmour used several digital delay units trough time, starting from the Wall in 1979.

He started using the MXR Delay System I which was the distinctive feature for the whole album.

In 1986 the legendary TC Electronic 2290 was released, so we can assume that he switched before recording A momentary lapse of reason. So it’s reasonable to thing that it was used for the recordings of The division bell, anyway we know for sure that this unit was featured in PULSE.

In more recent eras we also saw pedal units, such as the Providence Chrono Delay and the Free the tone Flight Time FT-1Y.

Other delays

Of course one of he most iconic delays David Gilmour is known for is the Binson Echorec, which he used for delay and reverbs.

During the OAI tours we were able to see a T-Rex Replica on top of the famous Cornish Pedalboard

Last but not least during the Rattle that lock tour a Dawner Prince Boonar (which is a replica of the Binson Echorec II) was spotted on David’s rack.

Delay settings

I created a table to show original time settings for some of the most famous songs and the times I use to approximate those, since I was used to the Nova Delay, which has only 9 presets.

I will be adding more songs through time or by request, so remember to bookmark this page!

SongTime - GilmourTime - My Settings
A great day for freedom680ms700ms
Another brick in the wall part II440ms - Rhythms440ms - Intro + Rhythms
540ms - Solo
Any Colour You Like490ms - Live PULSE440ms
Astronomy Domine460ms - Live PULSE310ms - Echorec
440ms - Digital
Brain Damage350ms - Live PULSE440ms
Breathe930ms - Lap Steel440ms or 480ms - Rhythms
Coming back to life600ms - Studio
630ms - Live PULSE
600ms or 780ms
Comfortably numb370ms - Studio
580ms - Live PULSE
440ms or 600ms
Evrika / Wearing the inside out500ms500ms
Run like hell380ms380ms
Faces of Stone430ms440ms
Louder than words380ms - Studio440ms or 700ms
Marooned500ms - Live PULSE800ms

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