Problem with your tremolo bar?? There’s a solution!
If you have a Strat, you know that your tremolo arm will mostly hang vertically.
This is a problem especially when playing David Gilmour. We know that he uses a Callaham tremolo arm, and he keeps it close to his hand.
Well how do we do that? With these:

Fender tremolo bar springs

Put this tiny springs in the hole of your tremolo arm and screw the tremolo over

Just unscrew your tremolo arm, put one of these in the hole, screw your tremolo arm again, and you’re good to go!!

I suggest you to give it 2 or 3 turns after you feel resistance, to increase the life of the tiny spring.

You can find the screws (12 pack) for example here at Thomann.


If you have a Mexican Standard Stratocaster, you could have the tremolo bar hole going through all the bridge. So the spring would fall from the other end!! In that case, you can’t use the tremolo springs. I’m sorry!!

Tony Samperi

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