While in 1984 Sir David Gilmour got his Vintage 1957 reissue, I happened to have one Red Strat belonging to my father.

Although the specs are slightly different from Davids, I chose to transform that guitar as my “Red Strat”.
That’s why I didn’t use “Red Strat Replica” as title. Because this is not exactly a replica.
I chose to use this guitar anyway, mainly for these reasons: 

  1. This guitar is pretty old
  2. It always was very comfortable for me to play
  3. I love this color

The guitar

This is a 1991 Standard American Stratocaster, with a Frost Red finish.
It originally comes with the following specs:

  • 9.5″ radius “C” shape maple neck
  • 22 medium jumbo frets
  • Alder body
  • 3 single coil pickups
  • Standard tuners

My upgrades

  1. Replaced entirely the electronics with a EMG DG-20 SET, which is a prewired pickguard
  2. Replaced the tuners with Fender Locking Tuners w/ vintage buttons
  3. Got a short Callaham Tremolo Arm