Gator GPT-PRO Pedalboard

Photo updated on 28 November 2016

  • Digitech Whammy V
  • BOSS TU-3
  • BOSS CS-3
  • Wren&Cuff Box of war
  • Buffalo FX Evolution
  • Wren&Cuff Caprid
  • Wampler Plexi Drive
  • BK Butler Tube Driver
  • JHS RAT Pack (modded Proco RAT 2)
  • BOSS GE-7
  • MXR EVH Phase 90
  • Boss CE-2W
  • Hartman Analog Flanger
  • TC Electronics Nova Delay
  • Boss RT-20
  • Ernie Ball 6166 Volume Pedal

Other FX

  • Sovtek Black Big Muff Pi 2006
  • Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus
  • Mooer Blues Drive
  • Mooer Eleclady
  • Mooer King Chorus


Fender Blues Jr. III

This amp is an excellent compromise to all guitarist needs

It sounds warm and transparent. The power (15W) gives you what you need at home, in studio and in live. There’s also a “FAT” button, that will give you more volume and a bit of fatness.

Weight and size are not to high, so you can carry it around easily.

The price is affordable, about 575€.

If you are wondering how gilmourian is this amp, never forget David uses Fender Alembic as pre-amp.