David has used this same EMG system for many years on his main red Strat, starting from the Live Aid 1985.

We have seen these pickups on “Delicate” and “Pulse”, with a latest appearence on “Remember that night”, even if David played just “Shine”.

The DG-20 set comes with 3 ivory SA single-coil pickups, wired and shielded to give you the most quiet sound possible.

The SA single-coil pickup features Alnico magnets which give a full round tone with a bit more mid range than the traditional single-coil, but still it can be as pure as the single-coil.

The set doesn’t provide a tone control, since the 2 tone knobs are used to control the expander on the back of the pickguard.
The first tone knob will control the EXG, while the second will control the SPC.


The EMG-EXG guitar expander circuit increases the bass and treble while reducing the mids, perfect for chord definition at higher volumes, while the SPC makes the SAs sing by boosting the mids and turning your single coils into full blown humbucking!


This pickups are suitable for “A momentary lapse”, “Delicate” and “PULSE” of course, but you can cover all eras by keeping the EXG and SPC off.
Also Bjorn “Gilmourish” says:

“I must admit that my first thought was that they sounded much more like regular Strat pickups than I remembered”

Thanks to the wiring system and the shielded pickguard, these pickups are dead silent, which is exactly what you want for any situation.

Since EMGs are active and run off a 9v battery, they will power through any cable length without loss of tone, and if you have a big pedal board, they send undiluted signal to your amp, whether your pedals are true bypass or not.

Tony Samperi

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