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Today I want to talk about building your own pedalboard.
As you can see on the web, pre-built pedalboards prices starts from 50€ and often they can only contain a few pedals.
I got the idea because I need a small pedalboard for my reharsals (But I’m building a big one right now :D).

PHASE 1: MATERIAL (15/09/2016)

1) I found this shelf and I thought it was simply perfect.

This board measures 77×47 cm and costs 11€, but I ordered it from the web because I don’t have an IKEA near home, so I paid 6.99 € for the shipping.

total expense: 17.99 €

2) I bought 1 meter of velcro (5 cm width) to test if I could paste it on the board.

It costed 1.10€

total expense: 19.09 €

3) I found “Pattex Mille Chiodi Forte&Rapido” (A powerful glue) at home.
a tube with 400g costs 6.45€

total expense: 25.54 €


  • I used the glue to paste the velcro on the wood. If it works I’ll get more velcro and more glue (cause the one I had was almost finished)
  • I built a simple brush by pasting a piece of velcro around the top of a pencil, so I don’t have to wash anything after working! (see pictures below)


The test was good: the velcro is solidly attached to the wood!!
So I bought 4 more meters of velcro for 4.40€ and a couple of door buffers to raise a side of the pedalboard for 1.10€
Let’s update the total:

total expense: 31.04 €


I pasted all the velcro on the board: see the result in the pictures below!
One last thing, I’m gonna get a woodcut to raise the pedalboard from the rear and to have a place where attaching my multiple socket…


I bought a piece of wood and I attached it to the back of the pedalboard, to raise it.
It costed 7.55€
total expense: 38.59 €
See the final result in the photos below!


I realised also a mini pedalboard with the remaining material. This was the reason why I started this project.
I only had to buy the extra velcro, for about 2,00€

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