David Gilmour sound inspiration, inspired by Pink Floyd PULSE Live DVD.
1 preset, 7 snapshots, custom IR

Required firmware: Helix 2.91 | Native 1.91 or greater.

Note: this is a lighter version for Helix or Helix Native, if you have HX Stomp refer to the HX Stomp patch!

This preset gives its best with a SSS Stratocaster. The demos are recorded with my Black Strat replica (not a Custom Shop). You’ll get better result with a EMG DG-20 pickup set!

All future updates will be available for download without additional charges


  1. Cleans - Dark side 2:19
  2. Drive - Poles apart 1:48
  3. Drive - Another brick in the wall pt II 2:21
  4. Clean/Drive - Coming back to life 3:49
  5. Lead - Comfortably numb 5:33

Tony Samperi

I was born on 05/02/1989 in the beautiful Taormina, a little town not too far from Messina, Sicily. I live in Bergamo since I was very young; Now I work here as Web Developer. I have various hobbies: informatics, electronics, videogames, cars, magic, cinema e, my passion, music. My approach to music happened very early in my life: I began playing the guitar when I was 4. There also was a keyboard at home, so I could play 2 instruments; this allowed me to learn how to play several instruments later. The guitar remains my favourite instrument, my idol is (of course) David Gilmour. I often sing while I play the piano. I have a good experience with bass and drums.