These are some of some of the best Gilmour solos I transcribed in Guitar Pro tabs.

I think these are some of the most faithful tabs around.

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I usually use TuxGuitar to do the job, and the tabs are fully compatible with Guitar Pro 5.

My GP5 and GPX tabs (ordered by Album)

A list of Pink Floyd tabs I personally wrote, rare Guitar Pro tabs you won’t find anywhere.

Guitar Pro
Song Album
In any tongue Rattle that lock
Rattle that lock (Extended cut) Rattle that lock Deluxe
Faces of stone Rattle that lock
5 A.M. Rattle that lock
Coming back to life (Both solos) PULSE
Take it back (Bridge solo) PULSE
Learning to fly (Outro solo) PULSE
Another brick in the wall Part II (Gilmour) PULSE
Poles Apart PULSE
Shine on you crazy diamond (part II) PULSE
Time Delicate sound of thunder
Shine on you crazy diamond parts II-IIV (2 to 7) Wish you were here

Some previews

  1. Rattle that lock - First Solo David Gilmour 0:53
  2. Rattle that lock - Final Solo 2:51
  3. In any tongue 1:52
  4. Faces of stone (both solos) Tony Samperi 2:10
  5. Comfortably (live Delicate sound..) Tony Samperi 2:37
  6. Poles apart (live PULSE) 2:38
  7. Another brick in the wall (PULSE) 1:27
  8. Time (Live Delicate sound of thunder) 1:36
  9. Shine on you crazy diamond (Parts 2 to 7)
  10. 5 A.M. David Gilmour 2:42
  11. Shine part II (PULSE) Pink Floyd 2:01

Good GP5 tabs I found online